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Khushi Handicrafts is an attempt to help pick up that gorgeous eco-friendly jewellery that has been handcrafted with love for the special you or the special loved one without leaving the comfort of your home.

Each handmade piece shares a story, whether it's about the artist, the material used, or the origin, it adds more interest to the item itself. Knowing this increases one's appreciation of the object and decreases the likelihood of disposing it.
 When we give a friend or loved one a gift, we mean to convey "I care about you." A handmade gift conveys so much more than picking something off the end-cap display of a mall.
Our handmade collection includes ethnic Quilled Jewellery,Designer Silk Thread Jewellery and Polymer clay Jewellery! An easy and convenient way of online shopping for Silk Thread Jewellery and Quilled accessories!!

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We'd love to hear from you. Mail us at khushi.jewellery@gmail.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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