Silicone Measuring Beaker cup For Mixing and pouring Resin.

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Silicone beaker cups For Mixing and pouring Resin.Using this makes cleaning up post resin usage extremely easy( and reduces wastage of paper and plastic cups)!

Includes 1 250ml beaker


  • Highly Flexible silicone cups make it easy for removal and clean up with soap and water
  • Please mix the epoxy resin appropriately as per the ratio mention on it,if it is not done correctly, your resin will not cure properly and will not release cleanly from the silicone mold(not applicable for UV resin).
  • The 100% silicone mold can scratch easily, please use a silicone spatula to stir your medium after it's been placed into the mold
  • Molds can be used to make unique handmade items for your loved ones and friends


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