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Silk thread Bangles making kit consisting of Bright and glossy thread spools with bangle bases stone sheet, pearl chain,stone chain,ball chain and Fabric glue!!

Please mention any specific bangle sizes (2.4,2.6 or 2.8) required as a note(all the bangles included in a kit will be of the same size).If nothing is mentioned bangles would be included based on availability!

The kit contains the following:

2 bangles 8mm/10mm bases
2 bangles 20mm bases

12 bangles 3mm bases
2 meter Stone chain

2 meter Pearl chain

3 chains Micro-plated Ball Chain in Size 0
3 lines Stone Lace(1.2 meters /line)
3 spools assorted silk thread
1 fabric glue

Disclaimer:The thread colours included may vary subject to availability!

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