Silk thread stud earrings

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We currently have 5 of Magenta, 5 of Dark Blue, 5 of Peach, 5 of Purple, 5 of Maroon, 5 of Grey, 5 of Gold, 5 of Red, 5 of Cream, 5 of Dark Green, 5 of Yellow, 5 of Orange, 5 of Teal, 5 of Blue, 5 of Multicolor, 5 of Green, 5 of Lime Green, 5 of Pink, 5 of Black, 5 of White, in stock.


This is for all those who love studs....

Diameter:Approximately 1.5cm

One pair of handmade Silk studs crafted with the finest Indian Silk yarn as per the color chosen!

Need a different shape/color....mail us your requirement at would love to create your choice.


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